Sign Up for Free Thomas Fire Help Air Transport

To help people with transportation in response to the closing of US 101 between Ventura and Santa Barbara, Thomas Fire Help is organizing an all-volunteer group of air transport (planes and a helicopter!).  We are connecting those who need transit to the pilots on a one on one basis.  

We are prioritizing those in critical jobs- hospital, emergency response and operations, infrastructure, utilities, transportation, etc. to ensure vital services can continue to operate.

Fill out the form below and you'll be contacted.  It could take up to 24 hrs to book, but we're trying to get response times much, much shorter.  If you are unsure if you fit into this category, fill it out anyways and we will be in touch and see what we can do.  

Technology note: This was setup quickly so if the form isn't showing up, particularly from a mobile device, try scrolling in the white space.  Or using the Typeform web based form here.

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