ThomasFireHelp has partnered with a grassroots coalition of building industry professionals to provide information on the rebuilding process. This group of architects, engineers, contractors and other vendors are local and committed to providing information to help those that have lost homes.  The resources below include a flowchart, guide, and the ability to ask a question.  We'll be updating this page with an FAQ and listing of resources as we move ahead.

Upcoming Workshops

Rebuild Workshops focus on the rebuilding process and is structured as an interactive forum so as we share our information, we also can hear your concerns and experiences helping us become a better resource.

There are currently no upcoming workshops but we are available to answer questions or meet with a group if needed. 

If interested, please contact:

Laura Kay Dunbar (Registered Architect, Licensed General Contractor), The Madison Method

(805) 844-4045 

Rebuilding Flowchart & Resource Guide

We have two downloads available right now- a flowchart that outlines the process for steps to expect in rebuilding, and a resource guide that details many aspects of the rebuild, compiled by the team of volunteer professionals.

Ask a Question

We're compiling a list of Frequently Asked Questions and also working to match individual questions to answers from our volunteer professionals.  Please send in your question(s) below.

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