ThomasFireHelp is conducting a community needs survey to assess how we can continue to support the recovery in our community. This is self-reported feedback from our survey as of 7/10/18: 127 responses, distributed via email and social media.

1. What organizations have supported you?
2. Do you have any needs that are NOT being met by organizations and government?
3. Do you have the support you need to fully recover?
4. Are you optimistic about your own recovery?
5. Are you optimistic about the recovery of our community?
6. What city do you live in?

805Help does not warrant or guarantee any of the accuracy of the information contained herein. All information provided here originated elsewhere through voluntary submissions that have not been screened for accuracy. The authors of this website are simply acting as aggregators of reported information and do not have the resources to independently verify the data contained herein. For the most accurate, validated information from the County of Ventura, go to


805Help (formerly ThomasFireHelp) is a project of Community Partners (501c3 number 95-4302067).