Strangers Become Neighbors Through Disaster Recovery


Revolutionize the way communities recover from disaster.
"What we built locally needs to exist globally. My next challenge is to scale our model so that we can support the recovery of communities around the world." 
- Emily Barany, Founder, 805Help


805Help is building a rapid deployment system to tackle disaster recovery at the grassroots level. We pair a Rapid Deployment Plan with an app that enables both individuals and local recovery organizations to resolve their most pressing needs. 

The 805HELP app matches people who need help with those who have help to give- it's structured much like a dating or ride share app. Survivors post requests for help, and 'helpers' search or scroll through 'missions.' Everyone swipes right to accept the mission!  


Our team works with our community partners to submit larger --and sometimes unusual requests -- like airlifts, 500 toiletry kits, etc.


805Help transitions from immediate response and recovery to the long tail of recovery.  


Temporary housing, spare bedrooms, rental options


Manual labor, clean up, childcare, drivers, repairs


Clothing, toiletries, tools, household goods, furniture, appliances


Legal, insurance, health and wellness, business support, financial counseling


Free food, food pantries, meals for first responders


Boarding and care taking, food and supplies, evacuation support


805HELP helps communities respond to and heal from disaster. Existing disaster response efforts are largely focused on the recovery of victims. 805HELP revolutionizes the way communities respond to disaster by focusing its efforts on capturing and channeling the incredible swell of community support.

In the first days following a disaster, people are instinctually drawn to help one another. Everyone wants to DO something, but nobody knows what or how. And many doubt that their small contribution will have a meaningful impact.

805HELP's easy-to-use web interface makes the act of helping so easy to achieve and the impact of that help on others so immediate that grassroots disaster recovery efforts are exponentially effective. But the results don’t end with disaster response.


We believe the act of helping someone in need turns strangers into neighbors, builds stronger communities and creates a lasting culture of kindness.

“Everyone wanted to help, but nobody knew how."



"As our community continues to rebuild from the devastating Thomas Fire and other local disasters, 805Help has proven to be an effective tool to connect our most vulnerable survivors with the resources they need to recover. It is an honor to recognize 805Help and their extraordinary work to engage the  community in disaster relief efforts."




805HELP was born out of the immediate and desperate needs of people in the Ventura and Santa Barbara, California communities who were facing disasters of unprecedented scale and destruction after the Thomas Fire in December 2017.

No one knew where to go or what to do, and EVERYONE wanted to help. We built ThomasFireHelp - the 'Craigslist' of recovery - connecting those in need with those who had resources to give.

A few short weeks later, heavy rains washed out recently burned areas in Santa Barbara County, causing the devastating Montecito Mudslide. Again, we jumped to action, using our technology platform to deploy 64 volunteer pilots to transport 117 passengers - cancer patients, critically ill children, surgeons, and nurses – across the mud when the 101 freeway (the main artery connecting northern and southern California) closed for nearly two weeks. Without the Montecito Airlift, our passengers would have had to choose between driving five hours each way around the closure; the unreliable, oversold boat or train; or missing critical treatments or shifts.

Between the Thomas Fire and the Montecito Debris Flow, 805Help reached over 17,000 people helping individuals find housing, clothing and resources provided through individual community members. 


Since 2017, we have stepped up to support the recovery of six local disasters:

Thomas Fire, December 2017
Montecito Mudslide, January 2018
Holiday Fire, July 2018
Borderline, November 2018
Hill Fire, November 2018
Woolsey Fire, November 2018

805Help is now an integral part of local disaster relief, the only organization focused solely on channeling the immense community response.  

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805Help (formerly ThomasFireHelp) is a project of Community Partners (501c3 number 95-4302067).